Alpaca vaults

Alpaca vaults are connected to Alpaca Finance.
Alpaca vaults are vaults in which assets will be deposited to corresponding Alpaca Finance's lending pools. So technically supply APYs of Alpaca vaults on #dev DeFi are the same as of Alpaca Finance's lending pools. Alpaca vaults on #dev DeFi currently support following assets:
  • BNB
  • BUSD.


The returns to you for depositing to Alpaca vault will be converted to the token that you supplied. E.g. If you deposit BNB, your will receive BNB in return. This task is processed automatic and frequently by our contract to guarantee the actual profit is approximate to the estimated profit displayed in front-end.

Lending and borrowing.

Assets in Alpaca vaults cannot be borrowed. Alpaca vaults will deposit 100% it's assets to Alpaca Finance to ensure decent supply APY for suppliers. Suppliers to Alpaca vaults can use their supply as collaterals to borrow assets from the Genesis vaults at low interest rates.

Risks involved

Alpaca vaults are subject to risks and changes of Alpaca Finance. Find the details of potential risk to lenders of Alpaca Finance here: